50 Days To Leave

In a recent prior post, we discussed the considerable evidence that the correct date for the BEGINNING of Shavuot (or the Feast of Weeks) this year was June 25th. If we consider that Shavuot was a harvest festival, from an agricultural perspective we would expect it to have a beginning, middle, and end. In other words, per Hebrew agriculture tradition the harvest would begin with a first fruits offering, followed by the main harvest, and then the gleanings. Shavuot itself is to begin 7 Sabbaths (or about 7 weeks) from the Spring Feast of Firstfruits (per Leviticus 23).

Interestingly, Shavuot was the only major festival during which leavened bread was offered. This is symbolic of the redeemed Bride of Christ. The book of Ruth foreshadows the marriage of the kinsman-redeemer to the gentile bride.

Now, if the Feast of Weeks ITSELF is literally 7 weeks duration, we can estimate the time of its conclusion (when the main harvest would be completed). Adding the appropriate number of days to June 25th takes us to August 14th. This is three days before the 9th of Av.

Adding 40 days to August 14th takes us to September 23, the fourth anniversary of the Revelation 12 sign. We do not expect the sun to set on the fourth anniversary of the Revelation 12 sign before the legitimate Church is removed.

From the 9th of Av (August 17th), to our projected date for the arrival of the Two Witnesses (November 15th) is 13 weeks, or precisely 90 days. In other words, we anticipate the Antichrist will have precisely 3 months to solidify his rulership before the Great Tribulation begins in earnest.

I leave it to the reader to reflect on these facts.

Come quickly to redeem your people Lord Jesus!

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