The prophetic horizon remains somewhat murky, but the overall trend is a stepwise progression towards global totalitarianism. This process is being hastened by the pandemic scenario. The clock is ticking on the disastrous consequences of the global pandemic response:


The next major prophetic milestone on the horizon is Pentecost, occurring on 5/23/2021. Interestingly, from 5/23/2021 to 10/6/2021 is 137 days.

The next new moon in Jerusalem AFTER the fall equinox lands on 10/6/2021. This is the next best candidate for the Festival of Trumpets. Nine days later (at sunset), the Final Jubilee would begin on 10/15/2021. Daniel's 70th week and the ministry of the Two Witnesses would then begin on 11/5/2021. The midpoint of Daniel's 70th week would fall on 4/18/2025. Daniel's 70th week would end on the Day of Atonement, 9/29/2028.

For discussion of the Scriptural significance of the number 137, see here:


The interval between 9/23/2017 and 5/23/2021 is precisely 44 months. The period between Christ's crucifixion and ascension was 44 days:


Pentecost is a unique candidate for the catching away of the bride of Christ:


Maranatha Lord Jesus! Help us to hold on a little longer by your grace.

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