Fear is the Mind-Killer

It is clear at this point that we must modify our assumptions, as the observed reality no longer fits our hypothesis. The descent into global totalitarianism is accelerating at breath-taking speed. The majority population has embraced the dictates of the global controllers. They have sacrificed their minds, bodies, and now children's bodies at the altar of "safety" and "trust" in the false gods of mass media manipulation and government-supplied "experts". Behind the scenes the Luciferian (i.e. "synagogue of Satan") international bankers are making increasingly desperate moves via their military and medical industrial complex proxies to herd the lemmings toward mass suicide. Those who survive depopulation will be controlled via cybernetics and genetic manipulation (i.e. the mark of the Beast system). Time is short. It is time to draw close to the Holy Spirit, and ask for wisdom.

Additional possibilities include:

  1. The 70-80 year "fig tree" generation concept (Matthew 24: 32-34, Psalm 90:10) is incorrect.

  2. The May 14, 1948 start point for the "fig tree" generation is incorrect.

  3. The "Great Tribulation" has already begun, and we are in it now.

Correct scriptural exegesis renders the third conjecture a non sequitur. There is simply too much scriptural evidence in support of a main harvest Rapture before the entire 70th week of Daniel's prophecy begins.

It is possible that a Biblical generation is longer than 80 years. Just how long is debatable. It is also possible that an alternate starting point for the "fig tree" generation should be considered. Regardless, the Final Jubilee concept remains viable. We must look ahead to 2029 as an endpoint. I will do this in a future post. Until then, may the Great Comforter draw near His people and give them peace. May the Body of Christ resist as long as they can, in whatever way then can.

Worthy is the Lamb!



It has been pointed out that subtracting 2520 days from the correct date for Atonement in 2028 (October 28-29) arrives at December 4-5, 2021. This is indeed a New Moon. This is an interesting observation, and raises the possibility that we have misinterpreted the day counts of Daniel 12:11-12. Time will tell ...

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