Hearts on Fire

Luke 21:26

Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” (KJV)

The global Luciferian war on humanity continues. Via their mass media, military, pharmaceutical, and controlled government proxies the "synagogue of Satan" continue to cull the population largely unopposed. In the face of a sudden rash of "unexplained" cardiac events (including myocarditis, pericarditis, myocardial infarction, and sudden cardiac death) the pundits scratch their heads and blame the victims. Gaslighting abounds everywhere. How many warp speed "boosters" will it take before the lemmings awaken? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, we look again at the next most likely time for Daniel's 70th week to begin. Examining the New Moon cycle in Jerusalem in 2029, we find that the first New Moon after the Autumn equinox falls on October 7-8. Interestingly, this is expected to be a "super" New Moon. Atonement then falls around October 17-18th, 2029. Subtracting 2550 days (or 1290+1260 days per Daniel 12), takes us to October 24-25th, 2022 for our Trumpets observance. Adding 10 days takes to November 3-4th for the beginning of the Final Jubilee. This is summarized below:

Feast of Trumpets: October 24-25th, 2022

+ 9-10 days =

Final Jubilee begins: November 3-4th, 2022

+ 30 days =

Two Witnesses ministry begins: December 3-4th, 2022

+1260 days =

Midpoint of Great Tribulation (abomination of desolation): May 16-17th, 2026

+1250 days ("shortened" by 10 days due to Final Jubilee per Matthew 24:22) =

Day of Atonement and Second Coming of Jesus Christ: October 17-18th, 2029

+75 days =

Second Tabernacles (i.e. Hannukah or Temple rededication): December 31st, 2029 - January 1st, 2030

Keep in mind, these dates are estimates and not intended to be exact predictions. Also, it remains uncertain whether the Rapture of the Church will fulfill either Trumpets or the Jubilee (or both). The Rapture could occur at some other time, and there may be a gap between the main harvest Rapture and the beginning of the Great Tribulation. It would appear that the 80 year "fig tree" generation concept (whereby Daniel's entire 70th week would conclude within 80 years of May 14, 1948) was incorrect. We swim now in deep waters, and the immediate future is shrouded in uncertainty. Perhaps this was the Lord's intention all along. He (as always) is our only hope.

Take heart Body of Christ. He will come for us yet.

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