On Cliffs and Lemmings

The v-cc-ne adverse event reporting system (VAERS) logs complications of inoculations. This is a CDC administered system. It relies on voluntary reporting by patients or physicians, and is a passive system. Underreporting is inherent to the system, and some estimates are that as few as 1% of events are logged.

Querying the system today (June 7, 2021), we find a total of 294,801 events reported for the CV-19 inoculations. Extracting from this total numbers of serious events which have been reported over 1000 times we find:


BELL'S PALSY - 1,583


DEATH - 4,035 (1.37% OF TOTAL)



Now these are interesting numbers. If we divide 4,035 by 0.01 (1%), we arrive at 403,500. If the entire population of the USA had already been treated (about 400 million), this number would be 0.1% of that population. This is near the anticipated rate of death from CV-19 itself within the entire population (rates are potentially higher within high risk groups). However, the entire population has NOT been inoculated.

I leave the reader to digest this information, and draw their own conclusions.

We watch and we wait for the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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