Parting thoughts ...

As time has passed, it has become increasingly apparent that the entire paradigm underpinning the current "watchman" movement within both mainstream and web-based Christian eschatology has been a lie. At over four years from the proposed Revelation 12 sign of September 23, 2017, the relevance of said sign to the believing Christian (let alone the unbeliever) is increasingly hard to fathom. Something is truly rotten in the state of Churchianity. Here are some hard truths:

  1. The Zionist "state of Israel" is not populated by descendants of the historical Hebrew tribes, but rather by Edomite Ashkenazi pretenders. These people increasingly fit the picture of the "Synagogue of Satan" Yahushua describes in the Revelation.

  2. The Zionist world controllers are intentionally steering humanity down a path which simulates the pattern of previously fulfilled Biblical prophecy. This is not accidental, and includes manipulated "natural" disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. The technology to manufacture these disasters has been in the possession of the controllers for at least 70 years.

  3. Biblical cosmology is accurate.

  4. The Millennial reign of Yahushua has probably already happened, as has the "rapture". We don't know who we are, or what time it is. History has been corrupted and manipulated. We are the descendants of the left behind. The next major event on the prophetic timeline is Revelation 20:7-10. We are in the midst of the final great deception.

  5. The true Hebrews are scattered among the nations. They don't know who they are.

  6. The overt revelation of the "Watchers" will likely precede the final assault of Revelation 20:9.

This website will be removed shortly, and this will be my final post. I pray for awakening among the true remnant.

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