Remaining Possibilities (Revised)

There are several remaining possibilities that warrant discussion:

  1. We have selected the incorrect New Moon to begin the Autumn festival sequence.

  2. Daniel's 70th week will not begin until the Autumn of 2021.

  3. There may be a significant gap between the rapture and the beginning of Daniel's 70th week.

If we begin our day counts on the New Moon of October 16th 2020, we arrive at the following:

10/16-17/2020 New Moon in Jerusalem and beginning of Festival of Trumpets

+ 10 days of awe =

10/26-27/2020 end of Festival of Trumpets and beginning of Final Jubilee

+ 30 days =

11/25-26/2020 = beginning of Two Witnesses' ministry

+1260 days =

5/8-9/2024 = death of Two Witnesses and beginning of Abomination of Desolation

+3.5 days =

5/11-12/2024 resurrection of Two Witnesses and end of Abomination of Desolation

+1217 days (or 40 months) =

9/10-11 final Day of Atonement and Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The day count from 5/8/2024 to 9/11/2027 is 1221, meaning that the second half of Daniel's 70th week would be shortened by about 40 days. If correct, this means that the Harvest of the Church should occur between now and November 26th 2020.

At this point, speculation about the Festival of Tabernacles has been proven incorrect. Therefore, we expect sequential fulfillment of the remaining festivals whereby the Festival of Trumpets/Final Jubilee will initiate Daniel's 70th week, the final Day of Atonement will conclude Daniel's 70th week, and the Festival of Tabernacles will be celebrated throughout the millennial reign of Jesus Christ.

If the above times pass uneventfully, the entire concept must be scrapped (for now). This highlights the difference between direct revelation and subsequent interpretation. The Prophets and Apostles who received direct revelation via the Holy Spirit have given us a prophetic template, but the specific details are absent. We are like the Maji of Jesus' first Advent, trying to interpret the signs while seeking the Messiah. We have made errors, and likely will make errors again in the future. Should we stop looking? Some say yes. I would leave the answer to that question up to the reader.

May the Lord Jesus Christ grant us patience and fortitude in these troubling times.

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